Poleti Exterra – Next-Gen Aerodynamics!

Poleti Aerospace is a Global Aerospace Company, pioneering the new era of flight with advanced aerodynamics design.
We bring our customers a thrilling, safe and green flight of the future – a step up from previous aircraft generation in every way!
With advanced aerodynamics, Poleti Exterra can fly faster and longer than any other light aircraft.

World’s Fastest Light Aircraft!

With superior aerodynamics and innovative coupling with structural design, Poleti Exterra is far smaller than other light aircraft.
Our unique CANBOX aerodynamic configuration relies on advanced box-wing to keep the lift performance at extreme angles of attack – 40 degrees and more!
Together with ventral tails – providing yaw control at any attitude – and ballistic parachute, Poleti Exterra is the safest aircraft ever designed.

Designed for Fighter Pilot Training!

The idea behind Poleti Exterra was very simple – design the fastest and most manoeuverable light aircraft yet!
Even if a simple idea, it required a complete reinvention of the concept of an airplane – to achieve the highest top speed and G-loads in the light aircraft segment.
Box-wing, combined with fixed-slat canard and fully articulated horizontal tails, enabled Poleti Exterra to reach both low-drag and high-lift targets Poleti Aerospace set for it!

Ultimate Comfort in the Cabin

To withstand a brief 9 G manoeuver you need an anti-g suit in a conventional aircraft, however – Poleti Exterra was designed for optimal ergonomic seating position.
A combination of glider and Formula 1 cockpit ensures pilot’s blood doesn’t end up in the feet!
Having a wide lift-generating fuselage, Poleti Exterra is also the most comfortable high-performance aircraft.


Poleti Exterra – Different Engine Options

To ensure ultimate performance and reach 450 km/h, Poleti Exterra uses high-performance Lycoming TIO-360 aviation engine in a Special Edition LSA version.
For pilots interested in low-cost, high-efficiency flight, we offer a UL version with Take-Off or Rotax engines.
No matter which engine you choose, you are guaranteed the ultimate flight experience!

Interested in early pre-order?

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There is no advanced payment and our early buyers will receive special price offers!


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